Highly Automated, full stack, robotic fulfillment system


Automated Fulfillment

Every extra second has an impact on your bottom line. That's why RoboFS was designed with a focus on automated pick, to efficiently pick and process millions of items in varying shapes and sizes.

Rapid Deployment

Our end-to-end system is modular with cells that are flexible and highly configurable, so no matter what your company's needs are, we can have you up and running in less than 120 days.

Fastest ROI

Improve your throughput in less space, with less labor, and at a much lower cost - with just one year to ROI. This is exactly what RoboFS promises.

“RoboFS is the most innovative general purpose fulfillment technology that I have seen. Companies such as Toyota and Ingram Micro have invested because they see this technology as their path to the future. Silicon Valley is disrupting the auto industry and I'm expecting RoboFS to do the same to the supply chain industry.”